Hi! Welcome to our keto resources page. We add links to all the best keto resources around the world so you can find all the keto diet information you need. Use the menu on the top left to navigate around this page. So much is available that it’s easy to get lost in and just not know where to start. We have everything from meal plans, recipes, nutrition information, shopping guides and tools and apps that are great for keeping your diet on track. We hope you find the page useful in your keto journey.

Keto Resources By Country

USA Keto Resources:

UK Keto Resources:

Diabetes UK – The main Diabetes website for the UK helping not just those with Diabetes but has a number of resources for removing carbs from the diet.

Keto UK Reddit – Reddit has some amazing keto groups, this is my favourite one for the UK – Packed full of ideas, tips and stuff. Ask all your keto questions to the Reddit board and you will find people willing to answer.

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